Stock Market Trading for Beginners

I usually post education for intermediate and advanced traders, but due to popular demand, I’ve decided to start doing some videos for beginners.

This video teaches the very basis of chart reading – how to read a basic “bar” on a stock chart (actually it works the same for futures, E-minis and forex charts).

Enjoy the video!


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Day Trading Video – What is the Best Chart Interval?

With regard to day trading, whether it’s Forex, the stock market, futures or the eminis, one of the most common questions I get is:

“What is the best time interval for my charts?”

Day trading is a challenging business, so traders are always looking for any advantage they can find, and rightfully so.

Profits are only given to those who find an edge, and this is true whether you’re trading Forex, futures or the stock market.

One trading edge can be in the chart interval you trade.

While there is no “best” time interval, I’ve found that some types of charts do have advantages over others. Knowing this, why wouldn’t you grab that advantage?

Here’s a video I created to answer the question.

Enjoy and post your comments below.



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